House Washing Services in New Orleans, LA

Residential House Washing in New Orleans, LA

At ProClean Services offer professional and reliable expert house washing services in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Regardless of what your home is constructed from, we have the experience and expertise to clean all substrates and surfaces around your home or property. Why choose our house washing service?

House Washing New Orleans, LA

If you are looking to have the exterior of your home cleaned and you are not sure on who to call, we understand your concern. The pressure washing industry is a industry that has many inexperienced contractors working in it and actually learning the trade on the job. We have been actively involved in the pressure washing community and the leading associations for over 20 years now. We are still learning certain aspects of the trade in regards to the best practices and leading products and equipment, however because of our experience and involvement in the industry we are one of southern New Orleans, LA’s most leading pressure washing & house washing company.

Types of House Washing in New Orleans, LA areas:

Dirt, mold, mildew, rust and oil stains and other messes can spoil the curb appeal of any home, but fortunately all these problems can be solved by simply by calling the pro’s at ProClean Services. We provide affordable pressure washing services that can make your home look like new again!

using pressure washing or soft washing methods with hot or cold water we are able to clean many different materials. We are always careful they choose the correct water pressure that will give us maximum cleaning power while still protecting the surface from damage.


*House washing – remove dust dirt mold mildew allergy and general grime from your homes exterior with gentle yet effective soft washing from our experience pressure washing crew.

*Driveway cleaning we can remove all kinds of driveway blemishes including tire marks oil stains are watermarked raw stains and more to leave your driveway looking new.

Some of the materials we can clean – Brick Cleaning, Stucco Cleaning, Hardy boards, Wood Siding, Cement Cleaning, Vinyl & Aluminum Siding, Gutter Cleaning & Metal Facia Cleaning.


Why choose ProClean Services for your pressure washing needs?

1) over 20 years experience

2) Family owned and operated

3) environmentally conscious

4) premium commercial equipment and chemicals

5) free quotes and fair prices

6) 100% satisfaction guarantee!!!



What is soft washing pressure washing?

Soft washing incorporate special low pressure nozzle on the end of a pressure washing gun or one that’s combined with a biodegradable chemical they remove the biological elements such as mold, allergy, pollen, dirt and all the stains without damaging surfaces on your home or killing your plants.

Soft washing is done using less than 500 psi for rinsing or cleaning applications the tip of the pressure washer is replaced with one that widens the spray dropping the point of pressure. On top of this soft washing utilize a special cleaning solutions to break down dirt on organisms living on surfaces.

What is the difference between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing?

Soft washing and pressure washing are both effective ways to wash your New Orleans home’s exterior. However, they achieve that in different ways.

Pressure washing – uses highly pressurized water to forcefully remove any dirt or grim from the surface that it comes into contact with. This is very effective, but it does pose some risk of damage to your property.

Soft washing – lower pressure with more of a favor of chemicals. These chemicals are safe for both your home and the environment.


ProClean Services power washing team is honored to be your New Orleans pressure washing experts. Call us today to schedule your house washing appointment!

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