How do professionals clean upholstery?

Same as the fabric in clothing, the skin oils, hair, dust, food crumbs and spills attack upholstery daily. If your chairs and sofas start looking worse for the wear, save hundreds of dollars for yourself and don’t call in a pro — not yet, anyway. It can cost just pennies to banish dirt, stains, even discoloration yourself.

Expert uses chemically safe, environmentally friendly upholstery cleaning products, specifically formulated to clean your upholstery sets effectively without leaving chemicals from cleaning agents that could damage you and the environment. Therefore, the chemically safe treatment for upholstery is suitable for most fabric or leather used with the upholstery sets and does not cause harm. Some of Asia’s leading upholstery manufacturers and retailers that produce and sell high-quality upholstery collections have tested and approved a lot of upholstery cleaning service care.

Other cleaners have used a high-grade vacuum to gather dust before doing anything else

The high-grade vacuum cleaners must first vacuum dust-gathering fabric upholsteries to remove embedded dust and airborne particles before the upholstery collection undergoes a thorough cycle of low humidity shampooing. Then, a chemical-safe anti-dust mite and disinfectant solution is added to the cleaned upholstery to eliminate residual dust mites and bacteria for an extra hygiene safety sheet. The initial process for leather upholsteries will include shampooing leather with our cleaning machine to effectively brush and extract residual dust and dirt on the leather grains. The leather upholstery is then moisturized with some of the best natural creams to keep leather from cracking after years of use. Rejuvenate the upholstered furniture to rid the unsightly dust, stain, and micro-organism and enjoy improved air quality in today’s indoor climate. Specialists chemical safe upholstery cleaning technology cleans upholstery using dry shampoo encapsulation process, which can effectively extract accumulated dirt, dust with limited drying time, depending on the soiling condition of the upholstery. This means that almost immediately after the cleaning service is complete, you can sit on your cleaned upholsteries.

Upholstery Cleaning

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