How often should upholstery be cleaned?

In our homes, sofas and other upholstery trap soil, allergens, and bacteria within their soft fibers. This helps boost the air quality we breathe for a short time before these fibers are full of contaminants — causing major health hazards. Think about the amount of time you spend on the couch with your family compared to how often you clean it up. Dust, body oils, drops, dirty clothes, and more accumulate dirt and harmful germs, as you might imagine, on your sofa, where they are then scattered around your house. All of these factors that can influence the quality of the indoor air in our homes trigger allergies and make us sick.

Must know the difference between spot cleaning and deep cleaning

It is important to note that the difference between daily vacuuming or spot cleaning and deep cleaning of furniture is massive. The surface cleaning will remove some dust and hazardous particles as part of your routine. It can also help preserve your furniture by reducing surface dirt, which over time can wear down your upholstery fibers. Often, spot cleaning will lower visible stains as they happen. There’s always a lot more than meets the eye, though. The greatest risk, also, is what you cannot see — deep down bacteria and allergens that cannot be removed without qualified cleaning equipment. The furniture should be professionally washed once or twice a year to maintain a safe house. You will clean your upholstery every 3-4 months if there are animals or children in the household.

Vacuuming regularly and spot cleaning of your upholstery are essential tasks that should not be overlooked — but skilled deeper upholstery cleaning is also needed. Routine vacuuming and spot cleaning is a recommended job to do-it-yourself, but it is better left to the professionals to clean the upholstery. One of the reasons why hiring a professional is best is that different fabrics require different methods and cleaning products; a skilled upholstery cleaner would know which methods and products are best for your furniture. Even though it’s great to spot clean to remove stains, it’s crucial to make sure you’re using the correct cleaning solution to avoid permanent stains on the paint.

Upholstery Cleaning

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