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Sarasota Carpet Cleaners

Choosing the right Sarasota carpet cleaners for your home is not en easy job, however Guaranteed Carpet & Tile Care makes it easier on locals by providing the latest technology in carpet cleaning today, at affordable prices anyone can appreciate.

Whether you’re in need of a professional cleaning job on your carpets, require expert upholstery cleaning, want to have your tile grout cleaned, or are looking for an effective solution to pet stains and odors, Guaranteed has the solutions you’re looking for. 

Guaranteed Sarasota carpet cleaners offer the newest type of carpet cleaning in the industry; if you’ve ever had your carpets professionally cleaned and had to stay off of them for the next 24-48 hours, you’re going to love Guaranteed’s new process. 

This new system is unlike any other carpet cleaning systems you may have seen, as it is brand new to the industry. You’re able to get your carpets hot water dream cleaned and dried within 1-2 hours, and your carpets will be cleaned with 180 degree hot water to deep clean and pull stains out from deep with the fibers.

Don’t be fooled by Sarasota carpet cleaners that quote a ridiculously cheap price and claim they can clean your home in an hour. You’re only going to get a surface clean, but those cheap, quick services will not get into the bottom layers of your carpet system and pull out odors, soil, stains and dirt. Guaranteed Carpet will give your carpets the best cleaning they have ever had since they were installed. Their 10 step process systematically provides your carpets with deep-penetrating cleaning. Take a look:

- Step 1. Pre-inspection. This is the walk-through phase to indicate where any problematic spots may be and give you an indication of what you can expect.

- Step 2. Furniture Moving. Guaranteed’s regular fee includes moving smaller furniture, and for an additional fee, can include heavier furniture as well.

- Step 3. Pre-spot. This gives stains the best chance for success of removal.

- Step 4.  Pre-spray. This process breaks down traffic soil and for a thorough cleaning.

- Step 5. Soil Extraction and Rinse. State of the art, powerful soil extraction will leave carpets exceptionally clean, without overwetting or leaving behind a sticky residue.

- Step 6. Neutralizer. For carpets that are soft and fresh to the touch, a pH balancer is applied.

- Step 7. Post Spot. Special spotting solutions treat any stains that are still remaining.

- Step 8. Apply Professional Protector. For longer life of your carpet, be sure to have a professional apply carpet protector.

- Step 9. Groom. Professional grooming tools are used to pile your carpet for quick drying and a great look.

- Step 10. Post-cleaning Inspection. The final walk-through to ensure you are completely satisfied with the results.

Call the Sarasota carpet cleaners from Guaranteed Carpet at 941-923-2498 for carpets that don’t just look clean, but are really clean, from bottom to surface, and every layer in between. Call today, for the health of your carpets.

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Sarasota Carpet Cleaners Sarasota Carpet Cleaners Sarasota Carpet Cleaners