Murder Mystery Company

Murder Mystery Company

Solve a Crime While You Eat at the Murder Mystery Company

Murder Mystery Company are New Orleans local source for murder enigma dinner movie theater. With their awesome Clue-style experience, you’ll join insane personalities and also shady suspects in a game of murder you get to play. Everybody in attendance will have the possibility to solve the instance. 

At Murder Mystery Company they serve 3 programs of mystery, intrigue, as well as murder in 2 hours of interactive, Idea design benefits that occurs right in front of your table. The minute you go through the door you will certainly be immersed in a thrilling whodunit experience, mingling with insane personalities as well as questionable suspects in a game of murder you reach play!

As you enjoy a delicious 3 course meal, the story will certainly unravel and also a person will drop dead (in a funny means, of course). As the night continues you will get to question the suspects, collect the ideas, as well as deal with your team to assist their mystery professionals break the situation before the killer gets away!

They have a variety of motifs that change occasionally, so you can delight in a murder secret dinner show like nothing you’ve ever before experienced prior to! Come to be a repeat wrongdoer – catch their various programs and also reveal their masters of secret who the actual incredible sleuth is.

While every one of their programs are comedies, as well as do not obtain overtly vulgar or negative, some motif material may not be content proper for more youthful audiences. To ensure any type of content miscommunication is stayed clear of, The Murder Secret Company gives a basic rating system that ranges from G to R ratings with all shows which will certainly aid you in picking a style proper for the age group(s) present at your event.

The Murder Mystery Company in New Orleans is the hub for following level immersive enjoyment. If you’re seeking an awesome night of comedy fun, Murder Mystery Company is the most effective for you!

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